Delivering high quality VP8 video over multicast using Wowza

Vivoh is taking the lead on enterprise streaming by introducing a new workflow.

We are really excited to demonstrate usage of Wowza to deliver high quality, low latency AND royalty free broadcasting using the VP8 and Opus codecs.

OBS plus Wowza for VP8

Many new video conferencing services are now using WebRTC which uses VP8 and is now are very popular.

In this video we show how to use OBS to broadcast into Wowza. You can substitute other encoders, like Wirecast. The most exciting example is using Zoom to broadcast into Wowza, which is used by many streaming services.

To set this up, connect your encoder to Wowza. Setup the Wowza transcoder to transcode to VP8. Then, connect that to your stream target. In a few seconds, your video will be delivered over multicast, and you can play that back with our Vivoh Multicast Player.

Vivoh now offers App based video playback with the same VP8 video codec but delivered via multicast. This takes the same royalty free codec that is used by WebRTC in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers and enables you to play it via multicast in the Vivoh Multicast App.

Vivoh is working to updated the Vivoh Multicast App to support the new AV1 video codec. This is also royalty free and is currently used by both the Netflix and Webex Apps (but with only limited and uncertain browser support). The quality is even better than both H.264 and VP8.

Today, enterprise video streaming is stuck with HTTP delivery which does not scale and with the H.264 video codec which has inferior video quality compared to the modern AV1 codec which is now used by Netflix and Webex.

Vivoh intends to be the first to offer AV1 via multicast for enterprise streaming video use cases.

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