Customizing the Vivoh Multicast Player
We recently posted a second video where Chris Dawson, Vivoh CTO shows the customization features of the Vivoh Multicast Player. The player supports a variety of customization options, including adding an intergrated question/answer frame, close captioning subbar, skins to match your webinar provider, where these are Zoom, WebEx, Google or Microsoft Teams. There are more options than what was shown in the video, so please reach out if you feel these don't meet your needs.

Player customization with Chris Dawson, CTO

By adding an extra source to the cofiguration of a rule, you can easily add a dynamic question and answer link to the player. We support any web based link, such as

QA in the Vivoh Multicast Player

It’s very easy to provide your viewers with a player that matches the webinar provider. For example, by giving your viewers a link like (where the provider is google in the link) you will send them to a player with the Google skin displayed.

Google skin

Lastly, you will see trace mode, which is very handy when troubleshooting multicast packet delivery. Trace mode will print out packets as they arrive, very similar to networking tools like Wireshark, TShark or tcpdump.

Trace Mode

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