Easy multicast video delivery with the Vivoh Multicast Player and Vivoh Webinar Manager
We recently posted a video where Chris Dawson, Vivoh CTO discusses using the Vivoh Multicast Player and the Vivoh Webinar Manager to deliver high quality (HD), low latency (sub two second) video to unlimited viewers using multicast. Existing solutions either compromise with high latency (30-60 seconds), saturate and overload your corporate network when you have more than a few dozen viewers, or sacrifice quality by degrading all users to low quality video or even audio, all out of your control.

Player discussion with Chris Dawson, CTO

There is a common misconception that “multicast video is all or nothing.” In other words, if you are thinking about multicast, you need to make the choice to either deliver multicast to everyone, or no one. Vivoh makes it easy to choose when multicast is appropriate and when to use unicast streams.

The Vivoh Webinar Manager makes this choice easy, and in less than five minutes you will see how to model a network from an example corporate network, with different subnets in branch offices, each with different requirements for what the employees in those offices can view.

FinCorp Network

The Vivoh Webinar Manager uses rules to properly routes users to multicast when their network is appropriate, but otherwise routes users who are not on multicast networks to the regular Zoom webinar.

Vivoh Webinar Manager 'Rules'

Lastly, you will see how Vivoh uses FEC (forward error correction) on both the encoder and player sides to deliver video reliably on lossy networks like wifi.

Please take look at this and other videos on our video portal.

We think this combination of video delivery over multicast is an unbeatable combination.

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