Two 10k milestones for Vivoh

Today we celebrate several exciting milestones for us.

  • We celebrated installation of our Vivoh Multicast Player on 10,000 desktops at a Fortune 200 company, a first for us.
  • We celebrated 10,000 continuous integration jobs inside our source code management tool (the team of robots that helps us build the most secure enterprise video player in the industry).
In this video, our CTO, Chris Dawson, goes into further depth on these milestones.

10,000 Vivoh Multicast Players

We have now deployed our Vivoh Multicast Player to 10,000 desktops at a Fortune 200 company. This company can now provide scalable HD quaility video over multicast with almost no cost to their network using the Vivoh Multicast Player.

Player discussion with Chris Dawson, CTO

10,000 Continuous Integration (CI) Jobs

Three weeks ago we eclipsed the 10,000 job number in our CI system. The Vivoh Encoder, a forward error correction (FEC) encoder which we ship with our Vivoh Webinar Manager and Vivoh Encoder Manager, took the honor for the 10,000th job.

We use continuous integration extensively at Vivoh. This allows our remote and distributed team to contribute while avoiding the “but, it compiles on my machine” problem and keeping up a rapid pace of development.

We need to acknowledge and thank all the engineers who have contributed to our codebase over the last two years: Chris L., Dan, Marco, Rodney, Nathan K, and Nathan O. Our CEO, Erik Herz has contributed extensively as well (and our CI makes sure his and everyone else’s code builds correctly).

Vivoh Webinar Manager CI Jobs

Our CI jobs run all of our software through a rigorous testing and build process. It can take some jobs 30 minutes to complete their processes, but this process certifies our software and allows us to focus on features and security.

If you want to learn more about our CI process, please watch the video.

Vivoh Multicast Player: the most secure enterprise player in the industry

Please take look at this and other videos on our video portal.

The security of the Vivoh Multicast Player combined with the scalability of multicast is an unbeatable combination for enterprise video.

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