Announcing Vivoh Metalink (part 1)

Vivoh Metalink

This is a series of three blog posts talking about our new service Vivoh Metalink.

Metalink Videos (These posts document in writing Vivoh's three part "three minute" video series about Vivoh Metalink. If you would rather watch the three minute video explanations, head to that site.)

Vivoh Metalink: a powerful way to follow Microsoft’s lead

As we wrote about earlier in this blog, Vivoh follows the Microsoft recommendation of having a custom URL to your webinar. So much so that we built a new service to make it easy to manage custom webinar URLs.

The four major benefits of Vivoh Metalink.

  1. One link for an easily editable final URL
  2. One link for the pre-event URL, live event URL and archived webinar URL
  3. One link to segment webinar participants by internal and external firewall IP addresses
  4. One link to use multiple webinar service providers no matter the license

One link for an easily configurable webinar URL

A critical best practice for webinar events is to separate the link that is sent to attendees from the webinar service URL. This enables the host to change the webinar service URL in the event of an error (technical or host human error) or a security breach. MetaLink enables hosts to change their webinar service URLs without needing to re-publish the event links.

In other words, no more re-sending multiple calendar invites when the event details change. Simply generate a single metalink URL, and send that out.

Want to switch to a different eventual webinar ID because the participant list grew beyond the license allocated for the presenter? Just edit the metalink with the new webinar URL but never bother the participants.