Low latency HD video multicast on WiFi with Forward Error Correction (FEC)

In our latest video we expand on Forward Error Correction and why it is useful when sending video streams over lossy networks.

Without error correcting technologies, multicast video only works on hard-wired ethernet networks. WiFi commonly has 5% packet loss, and that level of loss degrades video quality. Vivoh provides Forward Error Correction (FEC) which mitigates packet loss while maintaining the lowest latency possible. All other UDP solutions add latency to mitigate packet loss including SRT, RIST, ARQ, and Zixi. TCP based solutions introduce latency and head of line blocking which can stall streams all together.

Forward Error Correction vs. SRT

In this video we explain how Vivoh uses FEC and delivers the lowest latency, highest quality experience possible.

Watch the video here

As an example, for a 2 Mbps multicast video stream, Vivoh FEC requires 3 Mbps for 100 clients (2 Mbps for the stream, and 1 Mbps for the ECC redundant data). For a unicast stream, those same 100 clients would consume 200 Mbps. Vivoh reduces the bandwidth consumption by over 98%.

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